A Zack Files Reunion!

hi...i love your blog but i'm having a bit of trouble with it. i'm not sure if it's on my end or yours, but the links that normally appear in the top right hand corner (like, reblog, follow) aren't there. Which is a shame cos it means I can only follow and reblog your posts from my mobile :(

Really? Hmm. Well the stuff is there on a regular webpage, so maybe it’s just for mobile that it doesn’t show up? I really don’t know, though maybe I’ll try to get a new theme soon and hopefully that will help.


Can you pretty please with a cherry on top do a gif set of Derek holding/hugging Marti? They have such a cute sibling bond! :)

They did have a really cute sibling bond! However, I have created something almost (if not exactly) like this here: http://michaelseaters.tumblr.com/post/72900946360/smerek-smarti

I hope that’s alright.


Bomb Girls – Facing The Enemy is coming! Thurs March 27 at 8 et/pt on Global TV!